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Pakistan Customs signs deal to get online with IATA customs clearance EDI

PAKISTAN Customs and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to co-operate on the implementation of Air cargo XML and Advance Passenger Information (API) standards. 
To mark the occasion, a ceremony was attended by Nasir Masroor Ahmed, director general, Directorate General of Reforms and Automation (Customs); Tariq Huda, Collector of Customs Preventive; SM Muneer, Trade Development Authority of Pakistan chief and other customs and IATA officials.
The MoU was signed by Abdul Majid Yousfani, director, Directorate General of Reforms and Automation, Pakistan Customs and Nathalie Herbelles, assistant director Airport, Passenger, Cargo & Security, Asia Pacific IATA. 
Implementation of the standards will enable Pakistan Customs to further modernise its functions to facilitate trade and enhance its enforcement capacity, reported Pakistan Business Recorder of Karachi.
Speaking at the ceremony, Ms Herbelles highlighted the details of the Cargo XML and API systems. She congratulated Pakistan Customs for implementing IATA Cargo XML and API standards. 
Meanwhile, Abdul Majid Yousfani elaborated technical aspects of both Cargo XML and API. He said that development of the software was scheduled to be kicked off from October and pilot testing of the programme would commence from December.
The complete roll out of the EDT standards would gradually be commenced by 2016. He said that Pakistan Customs was also working closely with China Customs and Afghan Customs for development of Electronic Data Interface.
Tariq Huda said that development of Cargo XML facility would reduce dwell time of the cargo imported through air shipment that would lead to reduced cost of doing business.